Chasing blossom in Japan, photo credit  Hirofumi Nakaji

Chasing blossom in Japan, photo credit Hirofumi Nakaji

Hi, I'm Rachel, a travel and food photographer. I live with my family in Edinburgh and Tuscany


I started out my career as a lawyer but have always been a very visual person and became interested in photography. When my son was small I started taking really terrible photos of him on my phone and posting them on Instagram. Eventually the photos got better and my following has grown to over 100,000, partly due to having been featured several times by Instagram on their list of suggested users. To start with I didn't even realise there were other people to connect with on Instagram, but now I love the creative, supportive community that I've found. I'm part of the team which runs the @igersEdinburgh account, organising photowalks and events and promoting the beautiful vibrant city we are lucky to call home.   

Recently I went back to college and retrained as a photographer. Every day is a new learning experience, and it is always fun to discover and practice new techniques and equipment, I particularly love old film cameras. The best part is that  I get to be creative and my own boss. Combining my love of travel with work really is a dream job. I'm usually to be found thinking about food, travel, or ideally both. Recent adventures have taken me to Barcelona, Kyoto, Paris, St Kilda, Istanbul, Tokyo and Kenya. Future plans include a road trip from Edinburgh to Naples and I'm always dreaming of Japan. 

If you want to know more or get in touch you can send me a message using this form or just drop me an email. You can also subscribe to my blog or follow me on Instagram.

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