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A simple autumn recipe you need to bake right now

So, although I'm a fan of some aspects of decorative gourd season also known as Autumn; namely the food (actually only the food), there are some parts I could frankly do without. Yes, we get delicious evening light, but it's now dark by 6.30 pm here in Scotland, plus I'm dreading the annual test of whether our heating system will survive another winter. Finally, wasps everywhere, I'm sure its just not necessary.

To compensate, I set to baking this recipe that I found here on the BBC Good Food website to use up some of the deep purple figs I found. I used shop bought pastry because I always keep some in the freezer for those "I need to bake now emergencies". The recipe does have a few steps, but they are all quite simple and there are only only 8 ingredients. I used dark muscovado sugar instead of golden caster because that's what was in the cupboard, so the frangipane turned out a little darker but it had a gorgeous toffee flavour and was still slightly gooey in the middle.

I managed to photograph the tart in the afternoon light before the kid set to devouring it. Also, he chalked all over my backdrop, which is fair enough as I was using a chalkboard, and I actually quite like the texture he made! 

Prop sources: my worktop is actually a concrete effect tile from Topps Tiles, the backdrop is sticky backed plastic in a chalk board finish from Amazon which I use for labels and all sorts of things, its about £3 for a 2m roll.

The dishes are Falcon Enamel ware. I'm obsessed with the stuff having inherited a set of pie dishes from my grandmother which are still going strong, but keep buying more, they get used for picnics, baking and even as a paint palette! 

The honey spoon I picked up at a market in Italy and the other baking equipment is just what gets used every day.


Let me know what you think in the comments below. Have you tried it? What's your favourite fig recipe?

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