Edinburgh is waking up, Spring is turning to early Summer

Pretty doorstep gardens in Edinburgh's New Town 

Pretty doorstep gardens in Edinburgh's New Town 

I went for a stroll around the New Town (which if you don't know Edinburgh, is the part of town that's only 200 or so years old) and the change in mood was palpable. The sun finally has some warmth to it and the sandstone buildings which can seem grey and oppressive were almost glowing.

People have started putting out pots of flowers on their doorsteps and the clematis is flowering everywhere. Hooray for spring.

Here are a few iPhone shots of this beautiful area. Processed using VSCO presets in Adobe Camera Raw


I even ventured to the south side of Edinburgh and my favourite path of trees on Middle Meadow Walk is looking promising. Hopefully in a few weeks this will be a beautiful tunnel of cherry blossom.